Talking Funny with Christi

Christi Chiello, a rising NYC comic and self-proclaimed "angel bitch" has a seriously quirky (and real!) voice. Each week Christi sits down with her favorite comics to talk about all things comedy (and life, sex & hopefully Beyoncé). She's usually having a breakTHROUGH or a breakDOWN but *always* having way too much fun!
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Talking Funny with Christi

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Aug 23, 2017

It doesn't get more horny than this. Christi & Lauren sit (& slip n slide) down with rising comic John Trowbridge in the most raw, revealing & VULNERABLE-ASS EPISODE YET! "Inside the Comic's Studio" STUNS & John's intimate confessions leave the girls shook to their cores. Also, Lauren accepts a very real challenge from our new sex guru Angel!!! You just gotta listen, okay?

Aug 16, 2017

Comedian, writer & "relationship expert" Giulia Rozzi joins the girls in the studio to discuss licking asshole, sex on the beach (SAND?), "DADDIES" & more! Giulia gives advice to our listeners & destroys our favorite game, 'WHICH BITCH?' This episode?? We're bout it bout it!!!!!!

Aug 9, 2017

Christi & Lauren are joined in the studio by one of Christi's biggest comedic influences & OBSESSIONS: drag queen superstar Brita Filter!!! The girls get their drag names from Brita, gush over reigning queen Sasha, talk "reading" vs "roasting" & discuss comedy in drag!!

Aug 2, 2017

All Aboard!!! TFWC favorite J-Train (Jared Fried) joins Christi & Lauren to talk about the Montreal Just For Laugh's Comedy Festival, what's it like having "new faces," queefs vs farts & so much more!